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Learn Spoken English in just 4 easy steps with Highly Qualified Teachers
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  One tutor per student Affordable fees
  SKYPE based program Intensive practice in Spoken English
  Flexible timing Intensive practice in Vocabulary building, reading & listening


Builds vocabulary of 2200 most spoken English words
Develops ability to speak with confidence
Develops ability to understand Spoken English
Develops ability to communicate in English
Training Methodology:
Reading Practice Document - MS Word FormatListening Practice Audio SamplesVocabulary Lesson - Document - MS Word FormatTeachers Voice SamplesStudent ConversationOther Additional Exercises
Our training method uses the following 4 EASY STEPS, to teach you better Spoken English:
1. Reading Practice:
Reading passages helps improve your Pronunciation, Comprehension of English and Vocabulary.
Reading passages also helps in developing your confidence to speak English effortlessly.
2. Listening Practice:
This involves Listen and Read exercises and Advanced Listening practice to develop your listening abilities.
Comprehension of Spoken English by listening to audio files (mp3 file) of British or American speaker.
After listening to the audio file, you have to answer your tutor’s questions to test your understanding.
Unlimited download of mp3 audio files to practice comprehension and improve listening skills.
3. Conversation Practice
Spoken English practice with Standard Conversation Techniques.
Spoken English practice with Advanced Conversation Techniques.
The exercises include discussions, opinions, situations, etc on different subjects with your tutor.
You also have pronunciation drills to help you learn the correct way to pronounce nouns and verbs.
These exercises improve your conversation skills and ability to THINK IN ENGLISH and speak better English
4. Vocabulary lesson & Grammar lessons
We train you to use the “2200 most spoken words in English”. You are required to write sentences for 20 words as home - work (home assignment).
Additional vocabulary practice by generating secondary words, for gender, tense, opposites, plurals and adverbs.
Grammar lessons are for self study.
Learn Spoken English quickly and effortlessly at highly affordable fees. Get high quality world-class Online Spoken English Training in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. ESE Spoken English Course enables you to Improve Spoken English and achieve your dreams & goals by gaining fluency in Spoken English.

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Candy - Taichung, Taiwan
I was afraid to open my mouth to speak English. After three months training at ESE I can express my ideas in English better.

Kim Che

Kim Che - Pusan, Korea
The training methods of ESE are unique. The tutors are friendly and conversation practice with them is such a joy. It is just like talking to a friend.

Awang Ali

Awang Ali -Ampang Jaya, Malaysia
I wish I had discovered ESE earlier, at least would have saved me so much money and effort.


Shreyas - Mumbai, India
Simply fantastic! I am speaking English like a chatter-box.


Maria - Lagos, Nigeria
The conversation practice has a human touch. Thanks ESE for connecting emotionally with your wonderful lessons for speaking and listening practice.

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