We are Asian Academy of Distance Education (AADE), the most progressive Online tutoring company for Spoken English. AADE has invested in an intensive and highly effective training program for imparting International quality training in Spoken English. AADE is headquartered in Mumbai- India, and has a representative office in Ningbo, China.

We, through the brand name EasySpokenEnglish.com offer one–to-one training in Spoken English to individuals wanting to improve their fluency in spoken English. We have specially tailored courses for job aspirants in the following industry segments in India, China and across the world:

1. Call Centers
2. Hotel & Tourism
3. Business

AADE is fully aware of the human resource challenges the call center industry faces today. There is a limited pool of qualified English Speaking applicants. Hiring rates have gone down to less than (6 – 8) % and attrition rates are on the increase. We are therefore focusing on training the so-called “near hires” for the call center industry. Near-hires are defined as applicants who were almost employed in call centers but lacked certain skills that led to their rejection. Call centers are now sending their near-hires to AADE for further training and to improve their performance during job screening.

AADE has a unique program to train aspirants of the ‘Hotel and Tourism’ industry, who have acquired all the necessary skills for the job and would have been a high value resource for the industry, but are incapacitated due to their poor communication skills in English. AADE helps them to improve their communication skills through training in the specific vocabulary, through simulations and speaking practice. AADE trains them to speak English with confidence.

AADE has a specially formulated course for job seekers as well as employers for the 'Business Environment'. It acquaints them with all the necessary words related to the job and builds their confidence to communicate effectively in English as per the requirements of the occasion.
We are also engaged in group training (face to face class room situation) for above industry segment. We maintain a high level of quality and confidentiality with our corporate clients.

AADE has a staff of highly qualified teachers who have over 15-20 years of experience in teaching English. They have acquired their skills through teaching in schools affiliated to the GCSE, CBSE, ICSE and SSC Boards. They have won accolades in various English debates and Elocution competitions at the State and National levels. In addition, AADE has its own unique training methodology for teachers to acquire standardization and consistency in Spoken English training.

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