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The journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step.
At EasySpokenEnglish.com, your personal tutor trains you individually. The time needed to improve your Spoken English depends upon:

  • Your present level of English: Elementary, Intermediate or Skilled.
  • Your dedication, determination and commitment to learn Spoken English.
  • Number of Practice sessions in Spoken English, with your Personal Tutor.
  • Your personal effort, practice and self study using our course material.
  • Taking all the above into consideration, it could take 4-6 months training to attain a respectable level of competence in Spoken English.
You have choice of three packages, depending on your current level of English:
  • Three month Level 1 course, comprising of Elementary and Intermediate level 1.
  • Three month Level 2 course, comprising of Intermediate level 2 and advanced.
  • Six month consolidated course (Level 1 + Level 2), comprising of elementary, intermediate level 1, intermediate level 2 and advanced.

Special intensive training package available for Indian students.  Details available on request. Request Now.


12 sessions per month, each session of 40 minutes. Three sessions per week.
Choice between: Mon, Wed, Fri OR Tue, Thu, Sat
Fees: USD 7.00 per session

Total Fees: USD 84.00 for 12 sessions.
12 sessions to be consumed within a maximum of 35 days.

For IELTS Speaking Practice: Total 12 practice sessions per month, each of 60 minutes.

Special fees package offered to students enrolling from India:
- Regular Course = Rs.2000/- per month (12 sessions)
- Business English Course = Rs.3200/- per month (12 sessions)
- IELTS Speaking Section Course = Rs. 3200/- for 12 sessions

We accept payments through Credit Cards, Debit Cards and also PayPal payments. Payments can also be made through Demand Draft / Cheque drawn in favour of "Asian Academy of Distance Education".  This has to be mailed to the following address:

Asian Academy of Distance Education
Loksarita, D-611/612, Military Road,
Marol, Andheri (E),
Mumbai 59. INDIA.

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