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Can I take training in “Spoken English” from my mobile or from my home or office phone?
You need a computer with internet connection for training sessions in Spoken English.
Why do you recommend SKYPE for your service?
SKYPE is free internet telephone. We provide ON-LINE, one–to-one training, using SKYPE. Our training charges are affordable and incredibly low only because SKYPE offers free telephony on the internet. We could not have offered this service if SKYPE was not a free internet telephony service.
Will you increase the training fees in the future?
We do not have any plans to increase our fees, as long as SKYPE remains a free telephony service.
How long would it take to improve my Spoken English?
The time needed to improve your Spoken English depends on your present level of English. Every lesson of our training program, improves your Spoken English skills. Therefore it is important that you maintain continuity of your training. Your progress in Oral English also depends on your determination and commitment to learn Spoken English. Your personal effort in practice, self study and completion of home assignments would be very helpful in achieving your goals.
What happens if I cancel my appointment?
Please cancel your session 48 hours prior to your allotted training time. If you miss your training without prior notice, we would treat that "missed session" as utilized by you.
What happens if the session is cancelled because of internet problems?
EasySpokenEnglish.com will reschedule your training for a later time that is convenient for you.
What payment methods do you accept for payment of lessons?
Payments are to be made by cash deposit in our Bank account or CASH at our office.Proper receipts would be issued for these payments made to our Institution. Please see details in the Course Fees section. We also support payments via PayPal.
*Paypal is a Registered Trademark of Paypal.com & Ebay Inc. SKYPE is a Registered Trademark of Skype Technologies SA
1.  What preparations do I need for a Practice Session?
You should make sure that your internet connection is working properly. You should also test your headset and sound levels using the SKYPE test for sound (Skype Sound Set Up Guide) before starting a session. Arrange a peaceful and quiet environment around you. Ensure that there are no distractions to divert your attention or distract you during training sessions and self study.
2. What kind of internet connection do I need?
We recommend broadband internet connection for clear and good quality voice communication. If broadband is not available then a Dial-up internet can also handle the voice over the internet.
3. I can't hear any audio files. What do I need to do to make it work?

There are several things you should check. If you see the media player scroll bar moving but you don't hear anything:

  • Verify that your speakers are ON or that your headphones are plugged-in properly
  • Verify that you can hear sound from your speaker or headphone
  • Check your mute button
  • Check the volume on your computer
4. It's taking longer than usual for the sound to come out? Why is it taking so long to play an audio file?
If you notice a decrease in speed, it is likely that you are lacking memory. Memory is used frequently, and if you never turn off your computer, your memory might be tied up. Try rebooting your computer. This should help.
  *SKYPE is a Registered Trademark of Skype Technologies SA
1. What if I forget my username or password?
If you forget your username or password, click on the “Forgot your Pass Word” button and type in your email address. Click on “SEND”. If the email address you specify is the same as your registration email id, we will send you your user name and password through email.
2 Why can't I log in?
If you can't log in, verify that the Caps Lock button is not ON. After verifying that your user name and password does not log you in, email us at accounts@easyspokenenglish.com and we will look into it immediately.
3 How can I change my username? How can I change my email address?
We do not allow changing username or email address. If you have a valid reason for a change request, please email us at accounts@easyspokenenglish.com
4 Where can I see my account information? Where do I update my personal information?
When you become a member, a link will be provided to view or edit your personal information.
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