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  Regular Course Business English Course
Single Session    
Regular Course $7 per session, Business English Course: $10 per session.

Monthly Fees    
You can join by paying fees on a monthly basis.
Regular Course $84 per month, Business English Course: $120 per month.

3 Month Fees    
You can avail of a 10% discount, if you pay fees for three months.
Regular Course $227 for 3 months, Business English Course: $324 for 3 months.

6 Month Fees    
You can avail of a 15% discount, if you pay fees for six months.
Regular Course $428 for 6 months

Currently Not Available
IELTS Speaking Session    
IELTS Speaking Session fee for 12 sessions.

Not Applicable

Special fees package offered to students enrolling from India:
- Regular Course = Rs.2000/- per month (12 sessions)
- Business English Course = Rs.3200/- per month (12 sessions)
- IELTS Speaking Section Course = Rs. 3200/- for 12 sessions

Payment to be made through Demand Draft in the name of "Asian Academy of Distance Education". For more details click here to Contact Us


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