A. Training Sessions of Spoken English: Three days per week.
  • A personal tutor is assigned to train you in developing Speaking and Listening Skills.
  • You will talk to your Tutor for 40 minutes, three times each week, on every alternate day.
  • Total 12 practice sessions per month, each of 40 minutes.
  • For IELTS Speaking Practice: Total 12 practice sessions per month, each of 60 minutes
  • You can select the time for your Training Session from the training schedule link above.
  • If you want to change the timing of your session, you should do it 48 hours before the scheduled session.
 B. Self Study (home assignments) for practice of Spoken English: Three days per week.
 At the end of each training session, your personal tutor will give you practice lessons. There are three types of practice lessons.
 There are three types of practice lessons:
 New words for building vocabulary  This will help you use correct words for objects and situations, to improve your Spoken English
 Passages for reading & understanding  This will help you understand construction of sentences, learn the use of new words and test your     pronunciation skills. Discussions would be held on these passages during Spoken English training session.
 Listening Practice with mp3 Audio files   The audio files are meant to develop your listening skills in understanding Spoken English.
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