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Tools for success:
In addition to a computer with a stable internet connection, the following tools would be helpful:
Head Phones
To keep out external sounds & avoid disturbance. We strongly recommend a head set with a USB connector for high quality sound. This would enable you to concentrate better on your Training
English Dictionary (Optional)
English to English / local language Dictionary (digital or hard copy or internet) to check meaning of your tutor’s words during live Spoken English practice sessions or while listening to audio files.
Mp3 recorder & player (Optional)
To download audio files from your computer for developing listening skills. You can carry your mp3 player with you and listen to practice lessons while walking or traveling on your bike, bus or train.
Notepad and pen (Optional)
Keep a Notepad and Pen near your computer to note new words spoken by your tutor, to check the meaning later.
USB Pen Drive (Optional)
USB Pen Drive to save your Word and pdf files of: (i) Vocabulary, (ii) Reading passages and (iii) Grammar lessons, for printing hard copies on an outside printer (incase you do not have a printer at home or office)
Traditional Box file (Optional)
Traditional Box file to store and compile the hard copies of your (i) Vocabulary, (ii) Reading passages & (iii) Grammar lessons for easy reference and self study, while away from your computer.

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